Water Treatment

We ensure the work carried out is always in line with current industry guidelines and literature, continual training is a key part of the business structure and progression of the high standard we offer.

Our works include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-commissioning cleaning of pipework to heating, cooling, process cooling, solar Pv, domestic installations and service provider mains distribution.
  • Sterilisation of mains water services
  • Independent Micro-biological sampling
  • Chemical sampling, onsite testing and independent UKAS accredited laboratory testing.
  • Legionella risk assessing, guidance, advice and design.

During any pre-commissioning process, SwitchSafe follows a simple and reliable method.


  • Visual Inspection
  • Schedule defects requiring remedial works
  • Rectify any defects and record
  • Sectional pressure test. Record results and issue certificates prior to any closure
  • Check access to all regulating valves, commissioning stations and control valves
  • Check all valves are in the fully open position
  • Chemical clean the complete system (Subject to pipe-work Material specification)
  • Ensure all strainers are in a clean condition
  • Dose system with chemical treatment

Industry guidelines encourage and detail good practice and promote a high standard of workmanship. Pre-commissioning cleaning and water treatment including chlorination and sterilisation is covered and detailed within the following guides, these are adhered to by SwitchSafe:

  • ACoP L8
  • CIBSE Commissioning Codes
  • Health and Safety at Work Act/COSHH Regulations.
  • BSRIA BS29/2012

During pre-commissioning cleaning and water treatment health and safety must always be followed, SwitchSafe compiles individual and site-specific risk assessments, COSHH assessments and method statements for each and every site. These are then checked and approved by an independent health and safety advisor prior to issue to the client.

All products used are developed directly with chemical manufacturers and come as ow label products, our engineers are trained in these products to ensure its correct use and application.