HVAC Commissioning

Commissioning advances HVAC systems from static state to an operational condition consistent with the designers’ specified intent: this is achieved via the initial performance assessment of the prime mover, followed by regulation of the installed balancing devices in such a way as to optimise system performance and minimise consumed energy

Commissioning is an essential part of any project and it is paramount that commissioning is not only a section of hand on works carried out near the close of each project but a professional input from design stage at the start of each project.

SwitchSafe highly encourage each contractor to invite the lead engineer or commissioning manager to a pre commissioning review, to highlight any potential issues or defects. This will always save valuable time and money during the tight time constraints every projects experiences.

Guidance note and industry literature form a large part of the everyday workings of SwitchSafe. All new guidance notes are distributed throughout the company and are readily available to all staff. These include documents and guidance such as:

Our commissioning team all work their way through the CSA distance learning course.

Managers are graded to grade 5 or 6 with engineers and senior engineers at grade 3 or 4.

Our commissioning services include but are not limited to;

  • Air handling unit testing and performance checks
  • Fresh air balancing
  • Extract air balancing
  • Secondary air fan coil unit balancing
  • LTHW and Chilled water balancing
  • DPCV set up and checks
  • Pressure control system and pump set up
  • LEV systems
  • Filter integrity testing
  • Fire damper drop testing
  • Dust pressure testing
  • Domestic hot water balancing

SwitchSafe understand that each site and project differs from the last and flexibility is always required. Projects do not always run as programmed and commissioning and water treatment will always be the area which is reduced in duration to assist the completion of the project for the construction team. SwitchSafe always makes allowances for this.